The John Bauer Experience


We are happy to announce the theme for the inaugural art contest Eternal: The John Bauer experience! The competition aims to find great artists who are able to take the fabled John Bauer’s fantastic work and be inspired by it to create new, unique art. There will be two categories, digital and traditional art.

For a full list of the criteria, prizes, awards and rules visit

What is Eternal?

Eternal is a unique art experience which will launch for the first time in 2020, in the city of Jönköping, Sweden. The goal with Eternal is to bring the spirit of former artists alive, while at the same time showcasing the wonderful talent our modern world has to offer. This year the artist we would like to highlight is John Bauer, who was an outstanding artist whose art remains unique to this day. John Bauer had a masterly ability to create an atmosphere through his art.

Our contestants will research John Bauer’s style, delve deep into his mind, and create their best artwork in his spirit. People from all over the world are invited to participate.

The organization itself is non-profit, meaning that any income from sponsors will be put back into future contests and other non-profit projects we are helping to run.

Important dates

Deadline for submission: 18th of August 2020
Exhibition start: 29th of August 2020

The exhibition will run for 2 – 3 weeks, and will be located in several places in the Jönköping city center. The exact exhibition areas are yet to be determined.