Our first sponsors

A caring hotel group

We are happy to announce our first sponsors for the project – Gyllene Uttern Hotel Group. Gyllene Uttern Hotel Group consists of three hotels, Hotel Gyllene Uttern, Hotel Mullsjö and Hotel Ullinge.

Gyllene Uttern is a hotel located outside of Gränna, with great views of Vättern from both their restaurant and their rooms. They are well-anchored to art with a traditional decor in their main building, filled with handpainted ceilings and paintings from the 1700s. Show your thanks at http://gylleneuttern.se/

Hotel Ullinge is a picturesque hotel in the South Swedish Highlands of Småland, providing just the atmosphere that John Bauer manages to capture in his unique way. This is a place for calm retreats and creative thoughts. Shower them with love at https://ullinge.se/

Hotel Mullsjö is best known for its status as a “friluftshotell” – an outdoor activitiy hotel. Close to its heart are hiking, canoeing, and – come wintertime – skiing. With a lot of history in their past, they’ve successfully managed to capture the spirit of old in a modern way. Just what we’re looking for in our competition. Tell them all about your love for the outdoors at https://mullsjohotell.se/

At Eternal, we’re happy to have you all aboard and look forward to all that we can accomplish together!