Jönköping Municipality On-Board

A John Bauer-loving community

Joining the fray of Eternal – The John Bauer Experience is Jönköping Municipality. Jönköping is a municipality centered around the Southern parts of Lake Vättern, and is the birthplace of John Bauer.

The municipality and town of Jönköping has long been supportive of the town’s fabled artist. Naming a school, streets and a hiking routes after John Bauer are some of the ways support has been shown. Several of John Bauer’s paintings are displayed at the Jönköping County Museum in central Jönköping.

And on top of that, the municipality has for years looked for a way to good way to honor Bauer’s memory. When we pitched our idea of Eternal – The John Bauer Experience to Jönköping Muncipality, they jumped on the opportunity to help us make this project a reality.

 We welcome Jönköping Municipality and look forward to our co-operation and their help in creating this unique art contest.